RTCL – Features

  • Best result of haze control and crystal growth control for reticles of any kind.
  • “Smart qual strategy management” triggers inspection and cleaning cycles ahead of time.
  • Reliable recipe selection prevents reticle damage on inspection tools.
  • Fast recipe management optimizes inspection time and quality.
  • Track all reticle movements in histories and ensure no more lost reticles.
  • Enable users to prepare for coming WIP ahead of time.
  • Integration with MES/CIM and WIP dispatcher / scheduler.
  • Integration of all major mask houses to simplify the overview of your orders.
  • Centralized Business Rules for Reticles.
  • Workflows and status models can be changed quickly and easily.
  • Stocker integration to enable homogeneous operation.
  • Ready to use, field proven turnkey solution.
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  • Screenshot of RTCL
    RSM GUI – Reticle Selector